Tuesday, August 28, 2012

30.8. Thursday's Song for the upcoming Parkour 2

Dear you, 

This is an invitation. To join our Parkour 2, this Thursday, 30th of August 2012.

Breath in and out. Focus. 3 places for arrival. 3 moments to surrender to. Cristina & Jasmina, Coraline and Guillaume. 

Interwoven in movement in language in space. One foot in front of the other, dream. Get lost. Imagine. 

I see you walking with us. From one place to the other. To race our hearts and keep arriving deeper into the journey.

What if Thursday would be re-written as a song? 
A song made of the words they used to describe their work...Jasmina, Cristina, Coraline and Guillaume....

I wrote Thursday, this Thursday as a re-cycling song. Here it goes.... 


We come here every day and one of us proposes things to the others
an idea is a strange vision which brings a big chaos
it will become a big obsession in your head 
and with this obsession you have to fall in love with
music dance make up
certain tasks that can potentially lead to certain states
you have to trust what you do to the gut
it is not about boring or being bored

we search for a very particular state
emotional body
to create another universe

please work on pulsations
please do it with a big sense of humor
please lots of pleasure
please a cinematographic atmosphere

we come here every day and one of us proposes things to the others
it is a lot about tension moments and expectations that they bring
a cruel digger of the body and the soul
and i work also with my mother
wig and heels
so we share a lot

we search for a very particular state
if you like zombie movies
if you like politics
if you like funny perverse dark humor
then you should come

we need joy to work
we share
lots of pleasure

(material: Jasmina, Cristina, Coraline, Guillaume
text choreography: Anja Bornšek.)

                                                                        Jasmina Križaj
                                                                                                  Cristina Planas Leitao

                                                                          Coraline Lamaison

Guillaume Marie

Programme: Četrtek/ Thursday 30.8.2012 

16.00 Preizkušnja/ Testing mode Jasmina Križaj in Cristina Planas Leitao, Plesna Izba Maribor

19.00 Predstavitev/ Presentation Coraline Lamaison, II. Gimnazija

23.00 Video projekcija/ Video projection Guilaume Marie, Kino Udarnik 

*Posamezni parkouri so večurni dogodki, ki se dogajajo v določenem zaporedju na festivalskih lokacijah./ Individual parkours are separate, several hours long events taking place in a specific order at the festival's locations.

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