Thursday, August 30, 2012

31.8. ShakeIN' - ob 21.00 Predstavitev, Slasten zalogaj/ Presentation, The very delicious piece, Cristina Planas Leitao in/ and Jasmina Križaj, Vodni stolp

I was shaking with Jasmina and Cristina a while ago. We were sharing residencies in Poznan and Barcelona. I was shaking with Jasmina also in Maribor. 
After, I was shaking many times on my own in some studio, or in my living room. I became a little addicted. 

We had this task every morning - shaking the body (how ever, by jumping, moving, shaking parts), just had to shake the whole body for 1 hour. We were using different types of music...many times percussions (african, asian, oriental...), also jazz music etc.
it was really really wonder-full....
At some point you just start dancing...there is no division between shaking, vibrating, jumping and dancing you dance you shake and vice

The rhythm and movement, both together forming this powerful unity of expression of the most vital, of the most alive of alive in us. It felt like this is what alive move and while moving you at the same time celebrate the anticipation of every next moment and the moment you are in right celebrate it by moving, you move in order to move. While moving you feel the life force...expressed, released through moving...freeze is withholding. Not moving is death.

With every movement (from huge jumping, running, dancing), with every step, stomp to the ground, push from the gravity you feel the life force with which we escape the death. Yes, I could feel that in every second of a shake there is this space which is simultaneously escaping the death and celebrating the life.

I would feel how through music, its rhythm...our dance becomes also a part of the whole...of all the history...of all the stories captured within that rhythm. Because this is what rhythm is, is stories, feelings, is an emotional audio DNA of our ancestors, now becoming a part of us.

We become connected to all of them that already danced to that music, to that rhythm....Shaking I would feel that when we dance, it stretches beyond is a part of the past, present and is dancing for all those who can not anymore...and for all those that will come and pick up our dance when we will not anymore...
It is a passing of a torch of eternal survival, of life, of vitality, and at the same time experiencing all that in one's body.

And inside of it, inside each movement there is all energies, essence of breath, of joy, of aggression, of pleasure, of sex, of devotion, of silliness, of madness, of love, of erotic, of sensual, of surrender, of attack, of giving birth, of getting born, of devouring, of possessing, of loosing, of animalistic, of fucking, of spiritual, of working, of marching, of transcending, of starring into the eyes of the possibility of death and stomping into life.....

(Anja Bornšek.)

P.S. 31.8. ob 21.00 Predstavitev, Slasten zalogaj/ Presentation, The very delicious piece, Cristina Planas Leitao in/ and Jasmina Križaj, Vodni stolp

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