Thursday, August 29, 2013

Druženje z umetniki: Rhiannon Newton in Matthew Day (Avstralija).

NAGIB 2nd Floor @ ex-Casino: Odprti umetniški procesi ob 19.00

Druženje z umetniki

# četrtek, 29. Avgust: Matthew Day & Rhiannon Newton 
(Lokacija druženja: 2nd Floor @ ex-Casino

Matthew Day (Australia) works as a Choreographer, Dancer and Dramaturg across various artistic mediums and cultural contexts. Matthew is invested in conceptual choreographic practices that are intensely physical and push the boundaries of dance and performance. Matthew has had residencies at Critical Path, Lucy Guerin Inc., Chunky Move, Legs on the Wall, Campbelltown Arts Centre and the Bundanon Trust, where he worked with Deborah Hay on her Solo Commissioning Project. Matthew is currently engaged on a number of upcoming projects with the infamous Phillip Adams Balletlab. Matthew’s minimalist and durational solo works ThousandsCannibal andIntermission constitutes his acclaimed TRILOGY project, each exploring the body as a site of continual becoming and infinite potential.

Rhiannon Newton (Australia) practice is grounded in rigorous choreographic investigation, improvisation, and deep physical research and training. She works to dislocate the body from identity and foreground action - space relations. Rhiannon has created choreographies for the Unkempt Dance Collective, The West Australian Academy of Performing Arts and the Asia Pacific World Dance Alliance Festival. Rhiannon is currently developing “Bodied Assemblies / Assemblies for One Body” through the support of Movement Research (New York), The Australia Council for the Arts, The Centre for Interdisciplinary Arts (Perth), Strut Dance and Critical Path (Sydney). Since 2011 Rhiannon has sustained an interdisciplinary research practice with visual artist Benjamin Forster.

Matthew Day in Rihannon Newton sta del partnerskega projekta, v katerem sodelujejo: Mala Kline [Slo], Petra Zanki [Hr], Matthew Day in Rhiannona Newton [Aus] in festivali: Under the Radar/Brisbane festival [Avstralija], Perforacije [Hrvaška] in Nagib [Slovenija].

Več o projektu/more about the project:

Australian and Eastern European Artists Exchange

Exchange was created to provide opportunities for artists in the two geographical locations to engage, explore and experiment with their artistic practice and their culture.

The relationship was forged between Britt Guy (Australian Independent Producer and Curator), NagiB Contemporary Dance Festival’s Petra Hazabent (Slovenian Festival Director) and Perforacije Festival’s Zvonimir Dobrovic (Croatian Festival Director) due to a number of identified needs for independent artists.
  • Opportunities to meet international experimental artist and build independent networks and touring pathways
  • Engage in discussion and sharing around culture and art within various locations
  • Provide space for in depth research and experimentation with form alongside other artists
In 2012, three artists from Slovenian came to Brisbane, Australia and worked with five local dancers to recreate their work for Brisbane Festival’s Under the Radar program.

In 2013, four solo dance makers have been selected to participate in a transitory residency, which will see them travel through out the three partner countries participating, engaging and creating alongside the partner programs.

The residency will begin in Maribor, Slovenia at NagiB Contemporary Dance Festival to with artists participating in workshops and to attend performances. 

They will then travel to Croatia travelling between Zagreb, Rijeka, Split and Dubrovnik over a two-week period as part of the artist in residency program.

The artists will then fly directly to Melbourne for four days of workshops, meetings and artists talks; they will then come to their final stop in Brisbane undertaking a research lab program where they will spend their final two weeks engaging in masterclasses, open public workshops presented by the cohort of artists and final research leading to their outcome showing.

There will also be opportunities for Melbourne and Brisbane artists to participate in Q and A sessions, artists talks and workshops with the four exchange artists.

Slovenia – Maribor: 26th August – 5th September 2013Croatia  – Zagreb, Rijeka, Split and Dubrovnik: 6th  – 21th September 2013Australia – Melbourne, Brisbane – 26th September – 10th October 2013

The Australian and Eastern European Artist Exchange exists to provide opportunities for artistic and cultural dialogue, engagement and participation. At the heart of this project is a deep commitment to conversation and discovery something that is important for our Australian artists development.
The project is supported by Australia Council for the Arts, The Judith Wright Centre, Ausdance Qld, and Brisbane Powerhouse.

The partnership is an ongoing relationship with a commitment by all presenters till the end of 2015 with a desire to build the number of artists involved each year.
Not sure how much to donate? Here is an idea of how far your support can reach:
  • $50 contributes to studio hire
  • $150 will deliver a workshop to local artists
  • $350 covers artists living costs for a week
  • $500 allows professional filming and photography of the exchange
  • $3000 sponsors an artist place in the program

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